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Richmond is housed in a modern building with architectural characteristics from Finnish schools.

Over the past years, Finland has lifted its educational system from mediocrity to domination -it now places first or second in the world on many rankings. 

While that record doesn't depend solely on architecture, the way the country designs its schools is part of its success.


Kids at Richmond enjoy the privileges of a Finnish style school. Students mingle in airy lobbies and lounges that bring kids of different ages together.


Like the schools in Finland, Richmond is organized around communal spaces that connect the various parts of the school in what we would call a commons. These spaces vary from being light filled and airy to being more intenally focused, but always with views to common areas or the exterior. 

Learning and teaching is a natural process at our school. The edifice was built to serve its higher purpose.

These common spaces are used for project work, presentation, assemblies, and performances as well as dining.

Exactly as it would happen in a "Harry Potter" novel, dining is an experience with an informal but attractive atmosphere. More akin to a Viking banquet in a grand hall.

The building distribution is perfect. All classes are flooded with light and have either the Smart Vision School System, or floor to ceiling windows.

The ground floor is dedicated to the Early and Primary Years with huge 90m2 classrooms. While Secondary is on the first floor with specialist rooms. The music, computer and science labratories were completed in January 2016.

At Richmond students feel empowered to do their job and behave correctly by the expectations created for them by the very buildings we inhabit.



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